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Currently shipping with 2.106 Firmware

It took over 3 years to develop the first 2B, and it continues to feature regular updates to its software and accessories, resulting in one of the most powerful and versatile E-Stim power boxes available on the market today. Officially called the Series 2B, or 2B for short, if you are looking for more power, more control, and more options then the 2B is your only choice.

Display & Control

The clear backlit LCD display on the 2B shows you exactly what your unit is up to all of the time, with an enhanced user friendly display and control system making it easy to use and giving you even more control. There is no need to learn any funny codes or count flashes. A built in help display guides you through mode selection, whilst the back light options allow visibility in the darkest dungeon or play space.. Changing mode is simple - A couple of quick button presses and the twiddle of a knob to choose 1 of 17 modes. It's simple. It works.

More program modes

The 2B has 17 fully adjustable program modes. With all of the more standard modes present, we have added some new ones so you can now throb and thrust your way to e-stim ecstasy and pleasure. Split modes, tickle, and programmed wave functions all pack the 2B with hours of e-stim pleasure - and since the 2B is upgradeable, you can add new modes and functions when they are released.

Internet Control

The 2B is fitted with the hardware for a optional Digital PC link,which allows you to control your 2B directly from your Windows PC or Mac via a USB connection, and the free Commander software also offers computer to computer control over the internet.

Dual isolated channels

The 2B features two completely isolated output channels, with independent controls on each channel. This allows you to use multiple bipolar electrodes at the same time, and be able to control them both, independently. The output LED's light up in proportion to the output levels so its possible to see what's going on without consulting the main display. With the join mode it is possible to join both channels together, giving safety and control in one and with the Triphase cable set, even more possibilities are available. (Think 3D Electroplay).

More powerful than ever

The 2B can be powered via single 9V battery, or an optional universal mains adaptor - the choice is yours. With dual power settings so you can run in low or high power, and each power setting is controllable from 0 to 100% in 1% steps. Low power gives an excellent introduction to E-Stim whilst the high power setting offers really serious levels of output designed to satisfy the most ardent electrosex player, without causing too much pain!! and if the standard high power mode is not enough then you can connect the optional universal mains power adaptor (110V/220V) giving you around a 30% increase in power output as well as longer play times.

Warning the 2B is considerably more powerful than many of the units available today you have been warned.

Audio system

The 2B is fitted with an adjustable sensitivity built in microphone (no external microphone to break off or loose) and the 2B also offers true stereo processing, via a 3.5mm stereo input. Designed to plug into the headphone socket of an MP3 or CD player,(we even supply the cable) each audio channel is translated to a powerful controlled pulsing output. As an additional control it is possible to adjust the whole response of the audio processing system, providing a unique insight to stereo based E-Stim. Unlike other audio triggered stim units the 2B is designed to use normal audio sources as well more specialized E-Stim audio tracks, available as free downloads from


With output channel isolation, built in power limiting and soft start controls (they always start at zero whenever you change a mode or switch the unit on), together with a design ethos that stresses safety at every stage the 2B has been designed to be compliant with all of the major US, UK and European safety standards, and carries a CE mark.

Lightweight and portable

The 2Bis small enough to slip into a play bag, it's all you need for electro pleasure and torment.

A complete solution
With all of our e-stim technology you are not just buying a box, you are purchasing a serious introduction into the E-Stim world, from a company that is dedicated to producing the best in E-Stim technology. We include a comprehensive instruction manual as well as a protective carry case and the batteries and cables you need to get started. and don't forget the 2B, like all of our power units, is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Lifetime guaranteeLifetime Guarantee

Like all of our other power boxes, the 2B is protected by our lifetime guarantee.

Specifications - 2B

Channels/ Outputs Dual Isolated Channels via 3.5mm mono sockets
Display Backlit LCD with High Brightness LED's indicating Channel activity
Program Modes 17
Audio Modes 2
Audio Internal Microphone, Stereo Source via 3.5mm Stereo socket
Input Specification 33KΩ/500mV
Controls Independent controls for Channel intensity, mode selection and adjustment.
Output Waveform BiPhasic AC
PC/Mac Link Yes, Via optional Link Cable
Power Supply Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3)
Optional Power Supply
Dimensions (approximate.) 145mm x 80mm x 50mm
(5 3/4" x 3 1/4" x1")
Weight (with batteries) 500g
Supplied Accessories

2 off 3.5mm to 2mm output cable,
4 off Self Adhesive Electrode Pads,
1 off 3.5mm Stereo input cable,
1 off PP3 Battery
1 off Carry Case
User guide.

Guarantee Lifetime

User Manual

We are moving all of our manuals to a digital online format as this allows us to provide more useful and upto date information, as well as offer manuals in different languages.

E-Stim Systems 2B Online User Manual (v2.106 Firmware)

Graham E.
4 of 5 Stars
I like the fact that it can be plugged into the mains system. That saves on batteries. However, I also have an Electo Pebble and I like that better. It is easier to select a mode and to change the frequency and intensity. For some reason the 2B is more fiddly to set where you want it.
Ralph S.
5 of 5 Stars
This box smokes compared to other boxes! All modes work as advertised. When you purchase one make sure you order the ac power adapter. Batteries are expensive and it gives more power for the experienced users. Wow!!!! It’s great. rPS
Sammy B.
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent, worth every penny, sorry I wasted money on other similar products over the years, thinking they were all the same. So very wrong. There is absolutely a difference between the pricey play models and the cheaper work models. This specific model is easy to use with great effects.
Rebecca F.
5 of 5 Stars
not only is this an incredible unit, really incredible for my own use (for pleasure) and on my partners (for pain). But the support from the manufacturers is top notch! 100% worth the investment and I personally rate the extras too!
David L.
5 of 5 Stars
A great powerbox , packs alot of punch , enjoy all the built in routines and having the audio input in stereo adds alot of variety . Great service and fast delivery
Craig P.
5 of 5 Stars
What an amazing little device that packs a lot of power! I got the accessory pack as well which I think was worth it. The sticky electrodes that come with it are far superior to the over the counter TENS pads too. Shipping was very fast with the UPS upgrade, I got it in four days delivered from the UK to west coast USA. I'm looking forward to discovering more!
5 of 5 Stars
New to electro play and decided to get the best, the 2B. First, the order was processed and arrived at my door within days! Second, only into my first play session and it's amazing! Happy with my purchase.
Frank H.
5 of 5 Stars
I thought I had already done this but if not: The 2B has been a very good device to use. No problems. I use the Stereo program most of the time because there are so many estim files available with so many different feels. Very happy with my purchase!
Michael Z.
5 of 5 Stars
I have had a couple other power boxes in the past. I was a skeptic at first because of the cost but I'm a believer in you get what you pay for and with this box it's the absolute truth. I have not even begun to hit all the variations yet and I absolutely love it. For me there is nothing better.
Arthur D.
5 of 5 Stars
The best power box I have found, sturdy and well made. Well worth the price.
Kenneth B.
5 of 5 Stars
Best purchase of the year, and last year as well! I have use a Tens7000 unit for about 5 years and had an HFO about 3 times. I’ve had the 2B for about a month and have had 7 in maybe 10 sessions. I love the ability to connect to my computer and the huge number of available files. So far I am not liking most of the built in files on the 2B, just deliver pain to me, so I use continuous mode to warm me up, then I’m off to the files I’ve downloaded or the Milovana Estim stories. I should throw 90 % of my other toys away, and keep the Tens for actual therapeutic use!
Mike C.
5 of 5 Stars
I wasn't sure what unit I should get, but glad I bought the 2b. The power is great even on the low battery setting. There is a variety of settings, although I enjoy the "waterfall" the most. Haven't tried the audio yet as I don't have an MP3 player. Wondering if my smartphone would work for this??? Solid and well made.
Charles A.
5 of 5 Stars
Oh My God. Absolutely Great!! Multiple patterns, and audio from an MP3 player is the bomb. Quality construction, accurate waveforms and tons of output power, this is the unit to get!
Daniel A.
5 of 5 Stars
They say the 2B is the most powerful power box they have and in my honest opinion they are right. Much more powerful than I thought and the adjustability the 2B provides is INCREDIBLE! I can adjust the unit in so many different ways which can bring so many different pleasurable sensations in so many ways. Big bonus that it comes with its own carry case to keep it all neat and packed and the fact that the 2B is upgradable as well is pretty awesome. I'd definitely recommend the 2B to every electro lover and a must to everyone's collection. If you don't have the 2B yet trust me you are missing out!
Jon C.
5 of 5 Stars
The 2B Power Box is simply incredible. The adjustability of the 2B is almost unbelieveable. The 2 channel with multiple pulse choices allows great flexibility. This is the best power box I have ever used and is well worth the price.
Curtis H.
5 of 5 Stars
LOVE this unit. It has way more power than I can withstand haha. I love it. So many features and options. Anyone whose reading these before purchase, just know, if you purchase this, you will not be disappointed at all. It’s awesome. One caveat though, you have to be in the 35-40% range on the power output setting before you begin to feel it. I thought mine was broke cus I feel nothing under the 35% output power setting. Not sure what 1%-34% setting is for lol. I feel nothing when in that range. But 35 and above, it very very very quickly becomes to much power lol. I can’t stand anything over 45% right now lol. Always trying to increase a tad each use to get used to the power. Boy, I’m writing this review from my phone at work. I feel a hard coming on just thinking about it lol! I love it. Definitely purchase the optional power cord though. Forget the battery. I’ve used he power cord since day 1. It increases power by 30% and unlimited time use. Battery would likely die 1/2 way through
Damon U.
5 of 5 Stars
I have had many hours of enjoyment with the 2B. Its the best money Ive ever spent on a product of this type.
Brandon D.
5 of 5 Stars
I havent tried it yet but im giveing it a five start for being able to be controlled over the computer i cant wait to let ppl control my cock lol. One thing i would like to know is if in can be controlled by sound coming from the computer with no speakers. Like if its plugged in and music is playing but not coming out of the speakers or if i dont have any can it still connect to the music playing? ADMIN: The 2B has a line in for stereo audio, so you can plug the 2B up to an audio source with the included stereo audio cable.
Mace H.
5 of 5 Stars
Very pleased with this box - it's my first 2-channel one. My only slightly negative comment is that the slow end of the scale could be slower, but it's not a dealbreaker. Otherwise, I'm entirely delighted! Admin:- Thanks for your feedback and we will pass your comments on the to the Development Team.
Charles Y.
5 of 5 Stars
Highly recommend this amazing gizmo. It replaces my two TENS units with much, much more capability. The electrically isolated channels produce truly unique effects. My favorite, so far, is the stereo setting playing some of the e-stim audio tracks and hours of edging.
Douglas S.
5 of 5 Stars
Great product. At first I was hesitant to spend $500, I am glad that I did, professional packaging, great customer service, even if it is user error. Tons of power, even on low it has too much for me. Lots of options plus can used over the internet. (It can even bee controlled from a smart phone!) Great product, thank you.
Robert E B.
5 of 5 Stars
It works great of good quality all my products will come from this company
5 of 5 Stars
The unit is very well made and laid out for ease of use. Adjusting the 'feel' of the output while using it is initially a bit tricky until you get used to doing it but it works and that's what matters..
5 of 5 Stars
The device certainly lived up to my expectations it is easy to use and has just the right amount of power with still some to spare. I only use the 9v battery and it seems to never run out controls are simple and the factory program settings are great. Have received quite a few HFO already. Paired with the tri phase cable is a must it makes the world of difference.
3 of 5 Stars
I give this unit a three star review. I seems to be well built, and works nicely. My only reason for the three stars is that should the product need repair for owners in the USA, shipping to the UK for service is quite expensive. If one wants real quick turn around, the shipping costs are astronomic. The likelihood of needing service is very small; however, this should be taken into consideration about buying a product that IS NOT serviceable here in the United States of America. Great product otherwise. Admin:- As a UK manufacturer the unit does need to be returned it us should there be an issue, and unfortunately we are not responsible for the 'astronomic' costs that an US carrier would charge to send it back to the UK.
5 of 5 Stars
I find it a resilient product, that is safe and pleasurable to use.
4 of 5 Stars
Box controls are easily accessible. Would be good if you could run different modes on each channel independently. Power level ok, could use a little more top end even on the "Hi" setting. I would like to see some waveform graphics for each mode on the website. Custom modes would be awesome! Easily worth the price :)
5 of 5 Stars
An ingeniously devious device. Surely the Rolls Royce of Electro Play. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you experience problems, the staff is really helpful and very informative.
5 of 5 Stars
After buying the 1B power box, I wanted more. So after purchasing the 2B, power box, there is nothing more that is needed. Mick Clark was extremely helpful. I liked the ability to connect to music, and let the music beat power the feeling. Great Product and of course service.
4 of 5 Stars
I have 2 different control boxed from different manufacturers. The 2B is by far engineered and constructed with higher quality than the other unit. I like all the different modes but dislike that when one switches to a different mode one must reset the speed and 'feel' of the pulse. Why not leave it where the user has it set and prefers, electrically reset the intensity to zero, and then allow the user to gently increase the intensity to a comfortable level? Have to admit I probably only have 20 sessions under my belt (pardon the pun) and learn new stuff each session. ED:Thank yo for your comments, the reason for not keeping the feel setting across other modes is that different modes have different feels and so they are not consistent across the various modes and so it would not necessarily feel the same.
3 of 5 Stars
my 2B is great. Im still getting the hang if it but there is a variety of options to meet most anyone's preferences. Its sturdy and east to operate. The pad quality is good but would recommend buying an extra set if you use frequently because the stickiness wears down. However, the pads that came with the unit are much better than others i bought at a local adult store. Im looking forward to adding to my accessory arsenal. 😉
4 of 5 Stars
Still getting used to using the 2B, in terms of its plethora of functionality, but I've found it to be well built, and feels like it will last for a long time to come. The basic control box comes with 4 electrode pads, which work well, but I imagine it really shines when you have other types of electrode to complement the pads. Overall, very happy with my purchase, and look forward to lots of pleasurable exploration! Some minor quibbles... The output cables that came with the 2B come out a little easily, which can interrupt your session. Also, do a bit of research to figure out what cables are compatible with what. It took me a moment to figure that out!
4 of 5 Stars
Overall I am not disappointed; I feel the unit is well built, intuitive and definitely not junk. It certainly does not lack power and the programs are all fine. A bit more control over the programs would improve the 2B, cater to personal idiosyncrasies and, in my opinion, likely make it 5-stars. Last, I sincerely regret purchasing a 2B without the power adaptor.
5 of 5 Stars
You shipped very quickly and the product works great. It has so many features. Definitely not a cheap knock-off product. Thanks again!!
4 of 5 Stars
The 2B is a major upgrade from my Davey box, in terms of getting closer to HFO. Learning to use it's settings via experimentation has made its value much greater. I only wish that the audio input driven mode was more predictable, as I find it either too mild or too strong. I can't find the right settings yet, but then again, I probably need more time to figure it out. After reading various comments in the forums, I'm really looking forward to the next firmware update.
4 of 5 Stars
It took some time to get used to the 2b but overall I am quite pleased with it. It works great for me. I have a fair amount of experience with estim and I have a competitors product to compare it to. I think the 2b is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone interested in estim.
5 of 5 Stars
This is a review of the Series 1 as well as the 2B. The "stars" are hard to read in my browser, but I selecte 5. Concerned about the 2B price, I initially bought the Series 1, and used it daily for 1-1/2 years That alone should indicate how satisfied I was with the Series 1. There was a (pleasurable) learning curve. At some point I figured out I could trim the standard surface electrodes to various sizes and shapes, which was a major breakthrough. I'm also getting a lot of mileage with the combination of a surface electrode and an elastic strap. Battery life with the Series 1 was exceptional and I got months of daily use from a single battery. Seriously concerned about having a backup should something terrible happen to my Seiries 1 (but I want to emphasize that I have had NO problems with either unit) and leave a sudden emptiness in my life, I ordered a 2B. The greatly expanded adjustability makes it several times more pleasurable than my Series 1. I wouldn't say my time with t
5 of 5 Stars
It is a wonderful little box of tricks. I am a beginner and although it was a little difficult getting used to and results were sometimes mixed, it is possible to achieve the desired result. The range of programs is great; not all of them work for me, though I understand that there are a number of different factors involved in stim & HFO.
3 of 5 Stars
I give it a 3 star (why do what I see above are all 5 stars?). I'm sorry to say that at this point I'm not really too impressed with the 2B. I've been using the ET-312 for a few years and find that it has more variety of sensations and is far easier to use than your 2B. I'm still exploring your unit so my opinion still may change, but for the time being I'm using my ET-312 most of my play. The other problem associated with your 2B is the cost factor. By the time I paid shipping from England, delivery charge from DHL delivery, and Customs fees my final bill was around $500 - much more than I had expected from your web site. Sorry to be negative, but I'm just not impressed at this point. Would I recommend friends to purchase the 2B? Probably not. On the positive side, I gave a friend information on your bi-polar tit clamps. Both he and I have used them and find them quite good. [ED: We're sorry to hear you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase, but we appreciate th
5 of 5 Stars
Just spent a very enjoyable evening playing with my sub and our 2b. I love the different modes and the screen works really well when we turn the lights down. 5/5
5 of 5 Stars
I've had my 2B for just over a week now and OMG. This is one fantastic piece of kit. I owned a basic model 2 a while ago but this is awesome. HFO is the norm rather than the exception. The 2B is particularly good with the mains adapter as the model I had before drained the twin batteries within a short space of time leaving me feeling disappointed. I used the audio CD for the first time today and was blown away. Thanks E-Stim Systems.

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