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2B Digital Link Interface

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Now available with v2.104 & 2.105 firmware.

Our 2B Digital Link Interface is a USB driven digital interface system designed to allow you to connect your 2B™ directly to your computer via USB. Various control programs such as Commander 3™ and E-Stim Connect will then allow control of your 2B via your PC or Mac, while our UpLink2.1 software will allow you to update your 2B to the latest firmware. Commander Web page.

For general details and support details then visit at our 2B Digital link support forum.


The Uplink2.1 software is supplied as part of the Digital Link System and allows you to upgrade your 2B without having to send your unit back to us. In order to do this you need the link drivers (see below), the Digital Link System and the Uplink software. Once everything is up and running you can then download the latest firmware* and install via your PC or Mac.

UpLink2 software is supplied with the Digital Link Interface. It is not available separately. Uplink to Uplink2 software updates are available if you return your uplink CD directly to us. Do not attempt to use older versions of UpLink They will NOT work with the new firmware files.

*Please note for technical reasons not all updates are available via Uplink, and there may be delays between updates being available via Uplink and our other Update services.

USB Link Drivers

In order to use the 2B with the link cable you must ensure your 2B is running a minimum of software version 2.07. To update using UpLink you need to have the bootloader installed and be running a minimum of firmware version 2.104.

2B control units with older software versions many not have the additional hardware needed to work correctly with the link, and may need to be returned to E-Stim Systems for an upgrade BEFORE the link cable will work.

The USB Link is only designed to work with the 2B. It will not operate with any of our other current control units.

The Digital Link Interface contains all the additional electronics to connect the 2B to a PC or Mac with a spare USB connection. To enable this connection you need to install the driver before the cable is connected.

Linux Users should find the USB driver is included in the kernel (assuming you are using 2.6.31 or above)

  1. Connect cable. Your OS should then detect the existence of the link cable, and then enables the necessary drivers.
  2. If this fails then you will need to manually install the driver ssetup executable below.

Please note that although we supply notes for Linux, we don't currently support Linux.

How to Install the Digital Link Interface (Windows 7 and above)

  1. Connect the Digital Link Interface cable to a spare USB port on your PC. Windows should detect the existence of the link cable, and then install the necessary drivers.
  2. If this does not work, and it may take a few minutes, then you need to install the drivers manually. Step one is to download the driver executable from . Further steps can be found in our detailed instructions on our Installing Digital Link Drivers on a PC page.


Should you need to manually install drivers for the Digital Link Interface then please visit where you will find downloads for the currently supported operating systems.


The Bootloader is a small program sitting inside your 2B that is only used when you update the main firmware (the program that controls the 2B itself). Older versions of the 2B prior to 2.104 do not have a bootloader, so you need to install it first. Click for instructions on installing the Bootloader.

Version Released Notes
MD5: A581783047CEA8FF8549CBA9BA02C03A
April 2013 The new bootloader Install before attempting an updated to 2.104

Installing the bootloader is fast, but it is critical. If you 'brick' you 2B and cannot provide the debug log file, or you have installed a beta that failed, then you will have to either purchase a replacement IC, or return your 2B to our workshops for an upgrade. Both the replacement IC and a workshop repair/upgrade are chargeable.

Firmware Upgrades

The firmware files are encrypted data files. Do NOT attempt to edit them as corrupted data files could potentially damage your 2B and will invalidate your lifetime warranty. To download, right click on the download link below and 'Save Target As' to your computer. Click for further instructions on how to install the Firmware.

Beta Versions of our firmware are available from

Version Notes
2.106 (Updated Manual) Released 29/1/2018
MD5: 227235DBB334E082A537CF5EEE98731F

Commander is now automatically switched on and off when required

Improved Microphone mode, together with selectable Microphone sensitivity (selected via Microphone level to x1 x2 and x4.) The microphone mode also now has a built in 'noise gate' so allowing you to set a value where ambilent sounds or noise gives no response.

Slightly smoother feel

2.105 :: (Updated Manual)
MD5: 4FD7CDF45DF2197A747C42C6B8844195
Bugfixes & code improvements
MD5: CDBF7D62D2721E924798FBE98DD9B8EA
For use with the new bootloader
Requires Uplink 2.1
2.103 Fixes Throb & Thrust Bug
2.09 Adds Commander Access
2.07 Adds Digital Link Access
Fixed Backlight Bug

Version 2.07 is the minimum firmware required to operate the digital link. Should you have a 2B with version 2.06 or below, then you will need to return your unit for an upgrade. Version 2.09 is the minimum required to operate with Commander. units with 2.104 and above have the bootloader installed, but if you are upgrading from an older release the you will need to install the bootloader first.

You do NOT need to install older firmware updates, the latest firmware version will have all the options and bug fixes of earlier releases.

Please note BETA files are available from our developers forum at Before attempting to download and install BETA files, you must ensure that you are running the latest version of UpLink (2.1), and have the latest bootloader installed.

If you 'brick' you 2B and cannot provide the log file, or you have installed a beta that failed, then you will have to either purchase a replacement IC, or return your 2B to our workshops for an upgrade. Both the replacement IC and a workshop repair/upgrade are chargeable.

Please note these firmware files are ©E-Stim Systems Ltd 2010-2018, and are NOT offered for redistribution. All rights are reserved. Driver files are ©their respective owners.


3 of 5 Stars
I didn't notice any changes in the menus with the upgrade. I expected at least a couple of new settings and double the output voltage as I read in the upgrade notes, but I noticed nothing. Although I followed all of the steps and got all of the expected responses, I don't know if there is anything different after upgrading. Admin: Without knowing which version you upgraded from and to we are not able to comment, but in general the updates have been bug fixes. A firmware update will not be able to increase the output voltage beyond the capabilities of the hardware. I am sorry if you are disappointed in the upgrade.
5 of 5 Stars
This is a five star item to use with a computer. Using it with the installed Commander gives easier control over the 2B unit. There are two things that I'd like to see: 1.) The ability of using the sound on the computer in the "Stereo" mode, and 2.) An app to do this with either an Android Tablet or an iPad.
4 of 5 Stars
This is an awesome product. It might even change your life. If you run into problems with it be sure to ask the staff or the user group for help. They are very accomodating, and of course knowledgable.
4 of 5 Stars
2B Digital Link System works great. Software download went well and Commander works great and has a lot of creative possibilities. Installation of the software was not straight forward. In my case I had to install 1) drivers on my computer; 2) boot loader; 3) new version of 2b software. This was not really clear in the instructions on the flash drive so software upgrade took at least twice as long as it need to take. [ED:Software installs are slightly more complex with older version of software (prior to 2.104), but we are reviewing the instructions.]

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