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2B Upgrade (Replacement IC)

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Our E-Stim Systems 2B control unit, contains a powerful microprocessor designed to control all the functions of the 2B. As part of our ongoing goal to improve everything we do we are constantly working to improve the software, both in terms of it's functionality and easy of use and because of this we offer an upgrade service.

Check the table below to work out if you want an upgrade, then select and pay for the upgrade via your shopping cart. We will then send you out a replacement IC, together with fitting instructions Please ensure that you feel confident in performing this upgrade, as we are only offering it as a service for experienced technicians, and any damage caused by incorrect fitting it is not covered by our lifetime guarantee. This is NOT available for firmware versions before 2.07. 2Bs running firmware before 2.07 have a hardware upgrade that can only be performed in our workshops.

So If you feel confident, have experience with microelectronics, and are already running version 2.07 or above, then we can ship a replacement IC to you, if not you can return your unit for upgrade in our own workshops.

Q Do I need an upgrade?
We list the changes for each version so you can make an informed choice. If you feel you want the additional functionality offered by an upgrade then the choice is yours. If you're not sure then why not drop us an e-mail for some advice.

Q How do I know what version I have?
Simply switch your 2B on. after the initial welcome screen you should see the top line show 'Version x.xx', where x.xx is your version number of the software you currently have installed. If you do not see a welcome screen, then you might need to perform a factory reset.

Current Stable Software Version is V2.104

Version Issued Notes
2.105 Beta 2016 New Beta Firmware (only available via
Major updates, new modes new settings and bug fixes.
2.104 April 2013 New Bootloader System
2.103 March 2012 Fixes Throb and Thrust Bug
2.09 July 2011 Commander Access
2.07 May 2011 Digital Link Option
Backlight System Fixes
2.06 Feb 2011 Minor Bug Fixes
2.05 Nov 2011 Initial Release


5 of 5 Stars
A few weeks ago I decided to replace the program chip in my E-stim Systems 2b. I have had the 2b since May of 2013. The price with shipping to the US was reasonable and it arrived quickly, in secure packaging, and discretely labeled. If you can read you can do this. E-Stim Sytems provides a very nice instruction sheet with color illustrations and notes. Here is the scheme. Remove battery door then disconnect and remove the battery if your using one. Remove the four phillips head screws that fasten the back on. The part your going to remove and replace is the largest part on the board. Pay careful attention to where the notch is on the chip. Using a small flat bladed screwdriver insert the blade under the side with the notch and gently pry up and lift out the IC. If you if you hapen to have an IC puller that fits it would be great but not essential. Remoe the replacement IC from its packaging by grasping its two ends without handling the pins. Set
4 of 5 Stars
Received my 2B replacement from the 'States in a normal delivery window. I live in Canada am happy that the US store has better shipping rates for shipments here. Product arrived in good packaging, and the IC itself came in a nice plastic box with anti-static foam lining. Would be handy to store the old IC--just in case... I am an Electrical Engineer by trade and am used to handling ICs and electronics, but upon a quick review of the printed (supplied) literature, it should be relatively easy to follow even for somebody with little experience. (You'll want a bit of dexterity because the IC is a 40-pin DIP package and all 40 pins have to line up exactly). The one possible issue with my shipment was that the firmware label covered so much of the IC that I had a hard time telling the orientation dot/notch in the IC. I had to scrape off a bit of centre/edge sticker to locate the pin #1 reference. Some new to the challenge may not understand that an IC must be inserted only one way.

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