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Large Torpedo™

Edward B.
This is only my second insertible electrode from E-Stim Systems and it won't be my last. The large Torpedo is heavy with sturdy construction and excellent craftsmanship. The low profile leads connect very securely and it conducts electricity well. I power it with an ErosTek 312b. The smaller "neck" (the black connector between the two electrodes) is perfectly sized for my anatomy to keep it in place during long sessions. The grooved base is also a nice feature to ensure a good grip during insertion and removal. The shipping to California in the U.S. was fast. So, an excellent product that I expect to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you E-Stim Systems!...

Large Electro Egg

ed d.
Do not let your eyes get too greedy. This is not for the inexperienced. Great for an expansive orifice though. if you can take this you will feel fuller than you ever have before. ...

Medium Electro Egg

ed d.
The perfect addition to any electro kit. It can be used alone or in conjunction with another electrode. Can be pushed deep into the rectum for a unique intensity. the perfect size to be used by all experience levels....

4mm Conductive Rubber Loops

David C.
I found these did kinda slip off a few times, make sure you use plenty of conductive gel. I might try again with the TAC gel some time.

I found these work well for edging, for some reason when I use them I lose my erection, but still stay horny.

I found these can deliver a powerful orgasm, when used in conjunction with an insertable electrode. Control boxes like the 2B allow you to do both at once!

When you're almost about to cum turn up the power and let the electricity do the rest....

Small Magnum™

David C.
I decided to start with something small.

The bullet shape was a great help in getting it in my anus. From a lying down position it works quite well.

I wouldn't however recommend it for a seated position, it kinda gets lost in there.

ElectroPebble XPF

James J.
The elctropebble is my introduction into estim. Previously I used a tens unit purchased from the chemist. The electropebble has far exceeded my expectations. It’s been a wonderful experience. An HFO with this machine is incredible. If you are new to estim don’t hesitate. Get one!!! ...

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