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2B Bonus Pack

Ron S.
Like the compact size and the option for mains power or batteries. The ability to control the 2b with Commander as well as upgrade the software is a good feature....

Helix Blue Pack

I was very pleased with my purchase as an electro newbie. The sensation is a little prickly/sharp without electrogel. I'm hoping to try thicker loops soon!...

ElectroPebble XPF

Aaron P.
I have a big penis. A really, really big one (bet you've all heard this before) and am disappointed with the limitations that only a maximum of 4 contact points provides -- two loops on the penis, one pad on each testicle (didn't realize how important this was going to be), ramp up all the way and that's it? Am new to e-stim in general, but after a few weeks by my calculations I require at least 16 contact points to get where I want to go, although I could live with 14 plus the insertable flange. Thus I will need to acquire three additional units and was not prepared for that expense. Okay. I'm joking about 16 contact points. Mostly. This is a fantastic product, I love it and do not regret the purchase for a moment, but seriously am thinking about creative ways to add a few more contact points. :)...

Large Electro Egg

Vuk M.
OK I confess... I don’t know what it feels like. But I can tell is what’s it’s like to administer it. SOLID, quality is TOP. Extremely impressive. The beauty and weight alone of this device is impressive. But my maso sub bf... when inserted and ignited. He is brought to a new level of pleasure. I could not be happier!...

Large Flo

Vuk M.
SOLID powerful, smooth ease of use and the sensation brings my maso sub into a low groan. It’s not the electric torture type of device. It’s a WTF is that??! kinda device. an electric fucking that leaves u with a nice memory....

Large Deviant™

Andrew J.
A perfectly constructed device for the true Deviant. As an experienced slut, Mistress had no problem inserting the Large Deviant, even commenting that I need something larger! I then experienced a prolonged session with the toy constantly pulsing away, while Mistress played with other parts of me....

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