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Black Collection - Medium

greg c.
Perfectly sized. Nice and massive. The satin finish is not as effective for me as a polished device. I should have gotten the Bobble. Still it is wonderful.
ADMIN: Thank you for your comments, although there should be no difference in sensation whether the electrode is polished or satin, and if you had purchased the Bobble you may have been disappointed by the size as the Bobble is noticeably smaller than the Black Collection Medium....

4mm Low Profile Cable

greg c.
Good quality. Solid connections. Perfect length. Worth the money.

2B Bonus Pack

randy l.
Im really enjoying my 2b box.It has so much power that I cant turn it up all the way. I think the on/off switch and power adaptor inlet should be further apart but no big deal. im still learning all the different modes. I love being able to hook to the internet and use stim files on it. Im wishing I would have ordered the triphase cable and adapters with very pleased with it....

ElectroPebble XPF

Richard C.
After chatting with Mick via email a couple times, letting him know what we were looking for, we decided to go with the Electropebble XPE. We ordered it on a Thursday, and it arrived on Monday. We did opt for the upgraded shipping but shipping from the UK to the U.S. was quicker than I thought it would be. I opened the case which was sealed with plastic. All the contents were sealed as well. Very professional.

Upon use, we had a good time going through the modes. The power was plenty for us. We got it as high as we could take it and it had plenty more if we wanted to go higher. We had read a review earlier from a lady who e-stim systems sent her the same setup. She stated it felt good in use and after ramping up the power a bit it felt like it was fucking her hard. Well, after exploring with it a few times, we had found a couple settings that would duplicate that feeling. It was tease and torment. The adjust knob around a quarter of the way up, the level about a third it felt like it was fucking her. Turn it up some more and she started screaming “it feels like its fucking me hard”. I just smiled.

Taking the Flange apart is a breeze when cleaning. A few reviews I read stated they had a hard time removing and replacing the battery. It is a bit tight but once you figure out the best angle to get it out and put it back in its really no big deal.

Long story short, this is an excellent company with a excellent product. We will be ordering more in the near future.

Our Thanks to E-Stim Systems


Shane M.
A review if the Estim Abox:

The Estim Abox is an electronic device that takes audion input and produces electrical output to conductive pads (or other attachments) attached to the human body. It is one of the most enjoyable (?) toys I own.

The device produces currents ranging from just a tickle to OH DEAR GOD WHAT KIND OF SADIST DREAMED THIS UP, and everything in between. My primary use is java BDSM games that use it to trigger punishments/forfeits for losing the game (Google "sexscripts" for a sample). While many of the games allow for a spanking, the Abox is a wonderful companion. First, it allows for solo play. All you have to do is wire up and let the game run. The shocks are triggered by audio output and automatic. Secondly, I live in a very dense neighborhood. If I am paddling myself or being paddled half the neighborhood will hear. The Abox is silent. You might not be, but the device is. I can't say how much I enjoy and use my Abox.

I also want to make a note about Estim customer service. I had an issue with my Abox and reached out to Estim. They responded right away and very graciously repaired the unit under warranty. The worst part of that experience was the time it took to ship back and forth to the UK from the states.

I highly recommend the Abox and Estim. Great products and a great company.

Large Classic BiPolar Electrode

John Eric G.
I've purchased other insertable electrodes, and was relieved to find this one to be a manageable size and length. Once attached to the leads, they stay in place. All of the edges are very smooth, so there's little risk of causing damage - the only reason I didn't give a 5-star rating is because the probe doesn't have the means to attach a cord, or a flared edge at the bottom. With prolonged play, the probe could sink too far and be difficult to retrieve, so the cords with the offset plugs would probably be the smarter choice for use with this device.

Works very well with the Pebble, and various sounds if one is into play with multiple devices simultaneously....

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