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Kenneth B.
Best purchase of the year, and last year as well! I have use a Tens7000 unit for about 5 years and had an HFO about 3 times. I’ve had the 2B for about a month and have had 7 in maybe 10 sessions. I love the ability to connect to my computer and the huge number of available files. So far I am not liking most of the built in files on the 2B, just deliver pain to me, so I use continuous mode to warm me up, then I’m off to the files I’ve downloaded or the Milovana Estim stories. I should throw 90 % of my other toys away, and keep the Tens for actual therapeutic use! ...

4mm Low Profile Cable

Joe K.
Works like a champ! Ordered a second one so I never have to be without

2B Bonus Pack

Gary M.
The 2B Bonus Pack lets you do just about anything you want to try. I am still unlocking some of the functions but its basic capability is outstanding. I initially need some remedial assistance to get it working remotely, but once I understood how to do it, it is actually quite simple. My unit is generally remotely controlled over the internet and the link seems to be quite stable. Occasionally the link needs to be restarted but otherwise it works well. There is a bit of training needed for the 'remote' user/controller but again it is fairly easy and usually they are quite adept after 10 minutes or so.
This unit delivers on what they advertise. There are some internet controlled chastity devices, the cheaper ones have dubious reviews and the 'best' one is very expensive (four times the price of this unit) and they do not allow you to attach any devices you want. I have a large assortment of TENS devices for nipples, cbt, anal, etc and MOST of them work with this unit. There are a couple which seem to not work and I am still trying to figure out/debug why not.
I think you will thoroughly enjoy this unit and it durability and flexibility....

2B Bonus Pack

Ron S.
Like the compact size and the option for mains power or batteries. The ability to control the 2b with Commander as well as upgrade the software is a good feature....

Helix Blue Pack

I was very pleased with my purchase as an electro newbie. The sensation is a little prickly/sharp without electrogel. I'm hoping to try thicker loops soon!...

ElectroPebble XPF

Aaron P.
I have a big penis. A really, really big one (bet you've all heard this before) and am disappointed with the limitations that only a maximum of 4 contact points provides -- two loops on the penis, one pad on each testicle (didn't realize how important this was going to be), ramp up all the way and that's it? Am new to e-stim in general, but after a few weeks by my calculations I require at least 16 contact points to get where I want to go, although I could live with 14 plus the insertable flange. Thus I will need to acquire three additional units and was not prepared for that expense. Okay. I'm joking about 16 contact points. Mostly. This is a fantastic product, I love it and do not regret the purchase for a moment, but seriously am thinking about creative ways to add a few more contact points. :)...

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