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Curtis H.
LOVE this unit. It has way more power than I can withstand haha. I love it. So many features and options. Anyone whose reading these before purchase, just know, if you purchase this, you will not be disappointed at all. It’s awesome. One caveat though, you have to be in the 35-40% range on the power output setting before you begin to feel it. I thought mine was broke cus I feel nothing under the 35% output power setting. Not sure what 1%-34% setting is for lol. I feel nothing when in that range. But 35 and above, it very very very quickly becomes to much power lol. I can’t stand anything over 45% right now lol. Always trying to increase a tad each use to get used to the power. Boy, I’m writing this review from my phone at work. I feel a hard coming on just thinking about it lol! I love it. Definitely purchase the optional power cord though. Forget the battery. I’ve used he power cord since day 1. It increases power by 30% and unlimited time use. Battery would likely die 1/2 way through or right before climax lol. ADMIN: Thanks for your review and feedback. Everyone has a different threshold hence why we have the level of control we do and for many users they will feel output lower than you will. It is also dependant on the electrode you are using and the area of the body you are using it on....


Damon U.
I have had many hours of enjoyment with the 2B.
Its the best money Ive ever spent on a product of this type. ...


Edward S.
Estim tto music and talk on the radio while driving is most enjoyable. I use the internal microphone which follows the radio music. To hear and feel a symphony is positively heavenly. I hope E-STIM will update the ABOX as smaller and digital. Great produce. ...

ElectroPebble XPF

Wow!!! Being new to Estim this bonus pack is perfect for a beginner like myself. It is amazing the pleasure you can get from some really great design and a simple 9V battery. Everything worked right out of the box. I followed the instructions that were included and started off slow and was blow away. Really great product(s). I am super happy i went with this package. Thanks!!!...


Ahren J.
All I can say is wow. I was hesitant because of the price and now I regret not getting the pebble. After not even a week I am addicted to the helix. As being new to this I am still figuring out what works best but it is a amazing product and I am very happy. Customer service is top notch. I made a mistake on ordering not only did they merge the orders they refunded the shipping from the second order. I will definitely be upgrading at some point and I will only buy through e-stimsystems. Thank you.
ADMIN: Thank you for the lovely feedback, we do our very best to help our customers outr to make sure they have the right things to be able to play....


Joanne S.
I decided to get a set of these electrodes on a whim, and I am delighted that I did so. Their small size makes them ideal for use on my perineum and also my partner's penis; it fits on his glans perfectly.

Taking a regular cable with 2mm plugs, it means I can use one of these electrodes with a standard-sized one. The glue holds them in place well, and I love the intense feelings that they generate.

Don't bother trimming down electrodes get these ones made for the job, and I love them....

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