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Small Electro Egg

Ralph S.
This is a great product. A little hard to insert and remove from the rectum but the feeling is out of this world. Be sure to review the diameter of this product.7 Rps...

New E-Stim Remote

Joanne S.
I've been using this control box for around four weeks now, and it is a fantastic little machine.
The new features are brilliant, and I love the audio mode when delivering BDSM impact play. The sounds processed into e-stim signals add a very kinky element to play.
The new key fob is a considerable improvement over the old model, and this little box can crank up the power.
I can't take over 50% in training mode. This is a capable little control box that I am going to be enjoying for a long while to come....


Larry S.
The Electropebble I received put out a current on channel b when I was using channel a adjustment knob. The output was not as strong on channel b but would increase in output when I turned up channel a. Channel b adjust knob would still increase channel b when turned up. I chat with Mick of E-stim and was told this was normal. I just thought a potential buyer should know this before the purchase. All other functions work as I thought they should. Not a bad little box for the price. Nice design.
ADMIN: We did send a length email explaining that since this product does not have isolated channels (by design)and so there is interaction between the two channels. As such it can feel as if you are getting output from Channel B. What is actually happening is that the output from Channel A is being felt at the ground contact from Channel B as it is the same as the ground Contact as Channel A. This is not a fault and is not output from Channel B it is simply a second circuit that it being created on Channel A, using the ground contact that is shared between the 2 channels. Once Channel B is turned up so there is an output from the channel as well then you will feel the sensation from the second channel and not from the first. The ElectroPebble has built in Tri-Phase and so this is entirely normal. This is a unique design and completely different from other units on the market and so it can cause confusion with users. The unit still has independently controllable channels and is a dual channel unit. We are sorry if you did not understand this concept when you bought the unit....

Medium Magnum™

Larry S.
Great quality product. Easy to use and easy to cleanup. Just the right size.


Joe R.
I was very hesitant to spend the money. This unit is worth every single penny. Out of the box, first time with just the two straps I had a HFO! ...


Lucas R.
There is a reason that e-stim systems is considered to be one of the best electro stim toy companies. This box is excellent in every way it has great power and is very well made. I am thoroughly impressed with its performance and with the speed of shipping. I whole hardheartedly recommend this company if you are looking for the best electro gear that can be had....

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