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The Bobble

John D.
Very high quality product. I am glad I bought it. I was hesitant at first because of the price (I am an accoutant). I have been buying cheap products from Ebay. They usually don't work very long or very well. So in the long run it is cheaper to buy something that works properly and will provide years of pleasure. ...


John M.
Very nicely machined with a good heft and feel. Not too big, not too small. Flanged base makes it very easy to handle. Cleaning is easy with the satin finish and quick disassembly. ...

Helix Blue Pack

Richard B.
Very pleased with the Blue Helix. It replaced an older basic series 1 which was fine initially over time was leaving me just a tad short of the output needed for a hands-free orgasm. The Helix has just that little extra OOMPH to get me over the edge. Do miss the extra output plug which allowed more versatility, like a sound or anal egg plus two pads.
ADMIN: The extra socket was removed as it caused a lot on confusion with customers who assumed that it was a separate channel rather then a second output. If you wish to still have a second output you can use a dual adapter....


Hock Huat T.
not really suitable for asian size..the conductive panel is too low for asian size...and the cock ring is too big.
ADMIN: I am sorry to hear that it does not fit your personal requirements. It is always difficult to provide something that is suitable for everybody....


Christopher G.
Coupled with my iPhone, this box has created some of the best self-bondage hands free orgasms ever! You gotta have one!...

ElectroPebble XPF

Jason R.
New to E-Stim, we were always curious but finally made the plunge and purchased the ElectoPebble. Set it up and was completely impressed with it… WOW!!! Have tried all the programs and each time we use it seem to experience a different feelings.. So far its been AWSOME. Just ordered a few more toys for it.. but BLOWN away. Configurations and placement of pads, loop or MJ still combining in different combinations. Would recommend the BiCable… Oh yea, you become the cable connector to your partner. Case is sturdy, and everything came packed in its own bag nice. The Pebble is easy to hold and use one handed, controls are easy to operate. Best modes are milk, tease or squeeze . The sensation is really hard to describe other than different and some what addictive, once you start don’t stop. Only word of caution is go slow on the power the first few times, low and slow until you get used the new sensations it brings…. ENJOY. (ordered a few more items, the nipple/clit camp and torpedo we cant wait to add to the joy....

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