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Helix Blue Pack

Spencer R.
Definitely a great package. The analog settings allow for very precise control, which is great!

12mm UltraSound Dipstick

Perry B.
Great toy... only wished it would have shipped with a connector.
ADMIN: Sorry that you did not see that it does not come with a cable. As there is more than one option on how to connect our UltraSounds we do not ship cables with them, but there is a cable selector at the bottom of the product page....


Gerald L B.
Great quality, did what I needed it to do. Fast shipping,

E-Stim Systems ElectroGel

Jeff B.
Best gel I’ve tried hands down. Has a great feel, thick enough to stay in place, doesn’t get runny when warmed like Spectra 360, not sticky like PES Electrolube. Easy to clean up to boot. Great lubrication properties for getting those big plugs inserted. Would buy again, in fact, just did in the larger 250ml pump size!...

Large Torpedo™

Jeff B.
As soon as I received my shipment I opened it up for inspection. The plug is packaged very nicely in a reusable plastic storage tube which screws together in a very satisfying and secure manner. Each end of the tube is padded inside with a bit of foam for protection. The packaging is a very nice touch.

Upon opening the tube and revealing the plug, all I could think was, “holy shit, what have I gotten into?” I had read and understood the dimensions well, but now that I was holding it in my hand (and imagining it in its intended place), I found myself a bit flustered in the best possible way! I couldn’t wait to try to stuff it inside me! I rushed upstairs, cleaned it thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water of course, dried it, lubed it well, and away I went. It took some time and patience but after a few minutes it did slide in with a wonderful stretch and left me feeling nice and full, as well as slightly chilled! I can’t wait to try some temperature play with this thing! I didn’t energize it that first time, but I wore it all night, not removing it until the next morning, just to see if I could. It was immensely comfortable the entire time, always reminding me of its presence with its size and weight. This is my new favorite plug, electro or otherwise!

A few nights later it was time to try some power. I set up with only the plug on a single channel of my ET-312 and dialed up the Waves pattern. Oh my God does this thing feel amazing! The direct connection of aluminum to tissue and the “top and bottom” electrode placement provide incredible sensations across and through the anal sphincter which radiate out and around my entire undercarriage. As I thumbed through the patterns and twiddled the frequency and level knobs I was just amazed at the intensity and variety of sensations I was experiencing. At one point at a medium-high power level on a frequency sweep pattern it felt like my asshole was being turned inside out in the most pleasurable way imaginable! A bit more power to induce muscle contractions on some oscillating patterns and I finally experienced the “ghost fucking” sensation I’ve heard so much about. After about 90 minutes of fiddling around I finally had to pull the plug or I’d never make it out of bed the next morning! I never even climaxed, but I slept so well that night!

After a few days of recovery I went for the full network with some additional electrodes. I wired the top of the Torpedo to the underside of a dual-pole c-ring, and the base to a coronal head ring. As I let the power flow to both channels, my entire groin lit up in ecstasy! Some more fiddling with patterns and power levels, and then I loaded up one of my favorite audio tracks for a nice long session. I didn’t last more than 10 minutes. I really like this plug!

As for the Large Torpedo, this is my new favorite toy! The plug is very well made from great materials which feel like they’ll stand the test of time quite nicely indeed. The satin finish feels very nice and gives the piece a luxurious feel, and as an added bonus it holds onto the lube nicely for super easy insertion.

I only wish I had ponied up earlier for this level of quality in an electrode! I’m so impressed with it that I’ve just ordered a Moaner for more focused stimulation. I can’t wait to compare them!...

BiPolar EClip™

Shah A.
Good products and definitely do what they supposed to do! No complain here. The long cable helps. Prompt service and delivery from e-Stim. Will definitely do business again! ...

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