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Flanged Electrode

randy l.
I purchased the flanged electrode along with the pebble box. it is very easy to insert anal but I have a hard time removing it. I assuming I am small back there but it feels great with the pebble modes.especially the torment mode....


Jonathan D.
Very comfortable fit. Very sturdy. Nice sensation. Only complaint is that the neck is a little too long for some anatomies....


Jer G.
This is my favorite estim toy. It's the perfect size for someone experienced in anal play because it creates very smooth sensations. I've found smaller toys like the large egg is less pleasurable and more painful, but this one was fun from the beginning, and I've been able to experiment with different settings more with the Stuffer than any other plugs I've tried from MyStim or Electrastim...mainly because the design focuses the stimulation and the sphincter that is naturally erotic....

Helix Blue Pack

Michael R.
Pretty good, but gets very "rough" on the signal, before you can get the power up very high.

ADMIN:- Have you tried using the FEEL control to change the feel of the signal as this will perhaps reduce the 'roughness' you are experiencing....


Anthony R.
Do yourself a favor and never get this stuff. It is absolutely terrible. This stuff isn't "tacky;" it's straight up glue. It even has a VERY strong alcohol smell and burns a little bit when you first apply it (kinda like your putting rubbing alcohol on your junk). God help you if you get it between the glands and foreskin. Separating them will be painful. If your toy's position isn't working out for you be prepared for frustration because this stuff makes any adjustment a hassle while also making your hands god-awful sticky as well as anything else it touches. I just got it today and I'm throwing it away today. Waste of money.
ADMIN: We are sorry that you are unhappy with your purchase. As the description points out this is a self adhesive conductive gel, it is similar to the adhesive used on the Sticky pads and is designed simply to keep surface electrodes such as Conductive Rubber Loops in place. It is designed for skin surface and so not areas such as under the foreskin.
This is a medical grade product and is body safe, but like any product adverse reactions can occur. The product contains no alcohol so not sure why you should be smelling alcohol....


Jer G.
I’m a newbie to electro-stimulation, but Mick answered all my questions and recommended the Helix. I’m not into pain, so I was pleased to find the “Feel” knob didn’t really feel sharp at anytime, but more like a modulating a pitch in and out of phase from low to high frequency. Turning the “Level” knob between 9 and 11 o’clock felt the best—with half way turns on the “Feel” and “Speed” knob it felt like a throbbing bass beat in in electronic dance music. The biggest surprise was that turning the “Feel” knob to max is barely noticeable, but when I turned up the “Level” and then turned the “Feel” back down it got way too intense, fast—I had to turn the “Level” all the way off and slowly back up before it returned to fun. While I enjoy all the modes, the fire button doesn’t really do it for me...and TBH even at the lowest levels the 2mm rubber loops weren’t pleasurable. I think this is the best box to get started with in E-stim....

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