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Large Electro Egg

Bill E.
Love the way this feels. You get a great sensation of feeling full and the tingles are that bit deeper and feel amazing gave me some amazing contractions and it really stimulated my prostate. One of the most powerful HFO's I've had.
Thanks E-Stim....

Large Electro Egg

Kris C.
I love my Stuffer insertable, but I don't like the sensations from the large egg. After trying it a couple of times I found it created an uncomfortable sensation during anal stimulation. The Stuffer is much smoother and simulates the opening of your hole (which feels very pleasurable). The egg isn't a pleasurable sensation.

Admin:- Thanks for your feedback. The Electro Egg is designed to be a different sensation from the Stuffer in that the insulator is entirely inside the body on the Electro Egg and so will take the sensations deeper rather than the Stuffer where the insulator is within the opening so the sensations are targeted at the opening. We are sorry that you do not enjoy the sensations from the Electro Egg....


Mace H.
Very pleased with this box - it's my first 2-channel one.

My only slightly negative comment is that the slow end of the scale could be slower, but it's not a dealbreaker.

Otherwise, I'm entirely delighted!

Admin:- Thanks for your feedback and we will pass your comments on the to the Development Team....

2B Bonus Pack

Roy C.
The unit exhibits great build quality. Best in class. I Have issues with the on-board microphone sensitivity. I may have unrealistic expectations but, even with a firmware update for improved Mic performance, whilst better it still seems to lack sensitivity and response. The unit should include a "save settings" option.
Admin: Thanks for your feedback and we will pass your suggestion on to our Development Team...

Large Classic BiPolar Electrode

Roy C.
Good quality product. Well made and easy to maintain. It takes some adjustment and practice to find the most effective application. Despite the instructions, I have settled on using only the top electrode (so far). Under these circumstances it seems like an expensive option. YMMV and there could be more options following tips from others....


Charles Y.
Highly recommend this amazing gizmo. It replaces my two TENS units with much, much more capability. The electrically isolated channels produce truly unique effects. My favorite, so far, is the stereo setting playing some of the e-stim audio tracks and hours of edging....

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