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Rebecca F.
not only is this an incredible unit, really incredible for my own use (for pleasure) and on my partners (for pain). But the support from the manufacturers is top notch! 100% worth the investment and I personally rate the extras too! ...

4mm Conductive Rubber Loops

Graham E.
These are a lot better than the 2mm loops. They tend to carry the current better and with the gel they spread it over more area....

E-Stim Systems ElectroGel

Graham E.
I have only just started using this gel, but it seems good. It is a must to use.

4mm Low Profile Cable

Wayne S.
This works well with the Moaner electrode, keeping you from breaking a pin or crimping a wire if you end up sitting on it or need to move around. With an Erostek 312 and several jacks in close proximity near the bottom of the unit, I'd have preferred a straight through audio plug end, but the right angle plug works well enough....


Wayne S.
This electrode is easy to insert, fits well, stays in place, connects well to the cable (and stays connected), and is large enough to make good contact. It's easy to insert AND remove!

It's also easy to clean and dry, and the container for it works well to keep it from getting scratched. FWIW: An ear swab helps to dry out the 4mm sockets.

This is my first bi-polar electrode, and the "ghost-sex" effect is pretty pronounced with it. The weight feels nice, too.


Helix Blue Pack

I have used the cheap TENS Unit in the past and thought they were the best. I bought the Helix blue and it is far superior to anything I've used before. If there is one thing to improve upon is the wires, they are stiff and can be twisted and tangled easily. Every couple of uses I straighten them out, it's not a show stopper but after an awesome session I don't want to be messing with them....

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