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Joanne S.
I decided to get a set of these electrodes on a whim, and I am delighted that I did so. Their small size makes them ideal for use on my perineum and also my partner's penis; it fits on his glans perfectly.

Taking a regular cable with 2mm plugs, it means I can use one of these electrodes with a standard-sized one. The glue holds them in place well, and I love the intense feelings that they generate.

Don't bother trimming down electrodes get these ones made for the job, and I love them....


Brandon D.
I havent tried it yet but im giveing it a five start for being able to be controlled over the computer i cant wait to let ppl control my cock lol. One thing i would like to know is if in can be controlled by sound coming from the computer with no speakers. Like if its plugged in and music is playing but not coming out of the speakers or if i dont have any can it still connect to the music playing?
ADMIN: The 2B has a line in for stereo audio, so you can plug the 2B up to an audio source with the included stereo audio cable....

Medium Magnum™

Brian S.
While the flange from my Electro Pebble kit is excellent, I wanted a bit more (but not too much). The Medium Magnum is it. Easy to get started with its tappered bullet shape, and when fully inserted it stays. The feeling is f*%#@ magical....

10mm UltraSound Dipstick

Peter G.
This is wonderful in operation with an anal insertable. With some careful placement of electrodes you can stimulate your prostate. A feeling like nothing else short of orgasm. Works great and large size fits well for someone who has done sounding or other urethra play. Highly recommend and suggest careful cleaning before and after use. ...

ElectroPebble XPF

Peter G.
This was my baseline purchase and I have added specialty items to it. Easy to use and very adaptable. Being battery operated is a great safety advantage as there is no chance of line current finding its way to your body. Lots of flexible settings. My only wish is that there were higher power settings that would get muscle involvement in the play. ...

4mm Low Profile Cable

Peter G.
Offers greater ease of long duration use of any anal insertable. User can be seated with little fear of damaging the connectors and with the ability to keep any device inside. Inexpensive way to add flexibility and undistracted use of anal inserts. ...

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