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ElectroPebble XPF

$299.00 (USD)

After chatting with Mick via email a couple times, letting him know what we were looking for, we decided to go with the Electropebble XPE. We ordered it on a Thursday, and it arrived on Monday. We did opt for the upgraded shipping but shipping from the UK to the U.S. was quicker than I thought it would be. I opened the case which was sealed with plastic. All the contents were sealed as well. Very professional.

Upon use, we had a good time going through the modes. The power was plenty for us. We got it as high as we could take it and it had plenty more if we wanted to go higher. We had read a review earlier from a lady who e-stim systems sent her the same setup. She stated it felt good in use and after ramping up the power a bit it felt like it was fucking her hard. Well, after exploring with it a few times, we had found a couple settings that would duplicate that feeling. It was tease and torment. The adjust knob around a quarter of the way up, the level about a third it felt like it was fucking her. Turn it up some more and she started screaming “it feels like its fucking me hard”. I just smiled.

Taking the Flange apart is a breeze when cleaning. A few reviews I read stated they had a hard time removing and replacing the battery. It is a bit tight but once you figure out the best angle to get it out and put it back in its really no big deal.

Long story short, this is an excellent company with a excellent product. We will be ordering more in the near future.

Our Thanks to E-Stim Systems
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