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I've always been more of the quiet type when it comes to well...cumming, but this little gadget with a bipolar prostate stimulator and couple of conductive cock straps...HOWLING at the moon intense...and that was before I discovered the music mode and pandora "hard beatz" station. Fucked my ass hard!

Only complaint is the battery compartment, if only my ex was that tight. Seriously it forces you to pull the battery out by the wires...and I am gonna be burning thru some batteries. Make it bigger and use a little piece of cushy foam.

We are certainly pleased to her that you are enjoying your new ElectroPebble. Unfortunately there is nothing we can easily do about the battery compartment and adding a piece of foam actually means you cannot close the compartment but thank you for the suggestion. We would strongly advise that you follow the detailed instructions in the manual about how to remove the battery rather than pulling the wires, so as to avoid breaking them.
Date Added: 09/10/2017 by Todd C.
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