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2B Bonus Pack

$509.99 (USD)

Michel G.
very good suggestion maybe...the on/off switch and power supply outlet should be relocated on top so the device can stand vertically on a table.
Keep on your good work !!!
ADMIN:- Thank you for your feedback, however the unit was not designed to stand vertically and the switch and power socket cannot go at the top of the unit due top the display, but we will consider your feedback for the future.

randy l.
Im really enjoying my 2b box.It has so much power that I cant turn it up all the way. I think the on/off switch and power adaptor inlet should be further apart but no big deal. im still learning all the different modes. I love being able to hook to the internet and use stim files on it. Im wishing I would have ordered the triphase cable and adapters with very pleased with it.

John L.
The bonus pack has everything you need to get started. I really enjoy using my 2B with my tablet not only as a MP3 player but the digital link also. A great value!

Kenneth T.
I kept telling myself that I didn't need to spend the money to get this box. I have a tens unit that does the same thing. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!
This 2B Bonus Pack is well work the money and I am so glad I purchased it. I cant put it down. It has way more power and features than a tens unit and lifetime warranty to boot.
I ordered the triphase cable and love it too.

Roy C.
The unit exhibits great build quality. Best in class. I Have issues with the on-board microphone sensitivity. I may have unrealistic expectations but, even with a firmware update for improved Mic performance, whilst better it still seems to lack sensitivity and response. The unit should include a "save settings" option.
Admin: Thanks for your feedback and we will pass your suggestion on to our Development Team

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