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Lifetime GuaranteeThe Moaner electrode is based on our top selling Flanged electrode, but has a slightly longer neck and a larger head. So called because one of our test team said it made her moan!!!. The head allows easy penetration and feels substantial when inserted, but is not too big when used both vaginally and anally, and the large flanged base ensures the electrode cannot penetrate too far.

The flanged base gives security and comfort, but also provides an additional contact area so its very popular when used vaginally as it stimulates the labial area as well. Like the other electrodes in our premium range the design has the electrode contacts at the top and bottom of the electrode, providing excellent contact and a more natural feeling than some other manufacturers designs.

The Moaner electrode is machined from aircraft grade materials, and like our other premium electrodes, it will if cared for, last for years. It can even be disassembled for cleaning.The base is machined with a grip ring to help during insertion and extraction. The Moaner electrode is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

The Moaner electrode is fitted with 4mm sockets in the base, and works extremely well with our low profile connectors. (In fact our low profile connections were actually designed specifically for use with the flanged base.

Available in our new Luxurious Satin finish or a polished option.

Supplied in a plastic storage tube.

Specifications - Moaner Electrode

Type BiPolar Insertable
Overall length 4.5" (115mm)
Insertable length 3.34" (85mm)
Head Diameter 1.5" (38mm)
Base Diameter 2" (50mm)
Weight 9.7oz (277g)
Connections Dual 4mm sockets in base
Guarantee Lifetime

User Manual

E-Stim Systems BiPolar Electrode User Manual

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Wayne S.
5 of 5 Stars
This electrode is easy to insert, fits well, stays in place, connects well to the cable (and stays connected), and is large enough to make good contact. It's easy to insert AND remove! It's also easy to clean and dry, and the container for it works well to keep it from getting scratched. FWIW: An ear swab helps to dry out the 4mm sockets. This is my first bi-polar electrode, and the "ghost-sex" effect is pretty pronounced with it. The weight feels nice, too.
Doug L.
5 of 5 Stars
Love the size and weight and hits the spot.You crank up the juice and this baby will milk you dry just love the feeling of the fullness of it.
Joseph A.
5 of 5 Stars
This was my first ever insertable estim toy. I got it based on the reviews and a few searches online. It is VERY well made and easy to disassemble for cleaning. I am pretty new to the estim world and I used this with my TENS unit. It worked fairly well but I did have to move it around a bit to get the proper feel. Still, it was lacking. I bought an ElectroPebble control box and tried it out tonight. Mother Of God!!! It was absolutely incredible! I am very happy with it and look forward to many years of fun with it.
Peter F.
5 of 5 Stars
Everybody talks about the Moaner on the forums as being one of the best anal inserts so I decided I should try it. Oh yeah, it works great! I think it's a little easier to insert than the E-WMCBP 2.0 (from Mr. S Leather in collaboration with ESS). It also has less surface area which I think makes you feel it more than the E-WMCBP 2.0 I'm so glad I got this electrode. Great addition to the e-stim toy collection.
Shane T.
5 of 5 Stars
Ahhhhh, the Moaner. So good. This is a great step up from the amazing flange. It fit me just right for the beginner I am. It is very comfortable when inserted. This one is a no brainer, just get it if you’re going to get involved in electro, it’s a great piece to have. And I think the price is very reasonable for this product. I will give this 5 star
Kenneth J.
5 of 5 Stars
Great product. Well constructed. Slides in easily and provides great conductive contact. Easy to clean. Very pleased with this purchase.

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Surface Finish (Our new Satin Finish is supplied as standard)
The polished finish is made to order and may take a few extra days to produce.


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