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Originally designed for use exclusively with the original Series 2 but now also works with our 2B our Triphase Cable set will add a whole new dimension to your electroplay experience.

The cable set converts the dual channel isolated output from the 2B control unit into 3 points of non isolated contact, combining the sensations of both channels to produce an almost '3D' experience.

Supplied with adaptors to allow connection to both 2mm and 4mm socketed electrodes.

Supplied with a 3 month guarantee.

Frank H.
5 of 5 Stars
Very good quality and it works great. I use 3 SS rings with the black wire in the middle, red at the base and yellow behind the head. This is far better than using just 2 trades.
Scott L.
5 of 5 Stars
I got tired of making my own, with subpar solder joints breaking, and too thin of a gauge wires. This premade cable is a tad expensive, but the quality and finish is well worth it.
mark j.
4 of 5 Stars
Great quality cable and worth the price as compared to cheaper models out there. My only concern would be the cables that attach to your pads should be longer but other than that it delivers a new and 3D like feeling !!
John L.
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent quality and the adapters are great if you use 2mm pins! A must have for a great triphase experience.
5 of 5 Stars
great cable and a must have in your kit, it really compliments the 2b even used with just the standard modes it is great but really comes to use with audio.
4 of 5 Stars
This is the second Triphase Cable Set I've ordered, and I don't even use my E-Stim unit without them, they're that good. I ordered a new cable set out of concerns that that I was wearing out the first set and I wanted a backup. Alas - the new cable set appears to be made of lighter gauge wires than the first set which are light enough to give me real concerns about durability, and hence only a 4 star rating. I will note that the thicker wires in my old set were stiff enough to impair use to a certain degree, so the increased flexibility of the new wires is appreciated.
5 of 5 Stars
Awesome , takes the sensations up to another level - Took a little bit of Messing around to work out precisely how it works .
5 of 5 Stars
Awesome , takes the sensations up to another level
2 of 5 Stars
Works good however the stiffness of the attachments makes it very unflexible
Little One
5 of 5 Stars
Well what can i say this new cable truely does add a new dimension to O/our electro play. For those that are umming and ahhhhing about whether or not to buy one DO IT!!! And do it NOW!!! Sir and i had great fun with anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulation using three different electrodes. WOW ladies what an orgasm. i have never felt anything like it, totally sensational!!! First class combination with the Series 2 aswell, if you like the tickle or milk programme then this cable makes it 10 times better. For those of you gentlemen that are into a HFOs (hands free orgasm) i'm pretty sure that combining the rubber loops or straps with a pad and sound/ dipstick you will achieve that perfect electrosex orgasm that i know you all crave so badly :-D xXx LittleOne xXx P.S. Well done guys keep up the good work.

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