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Electro Cock Straps

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A classic electrode. A pair of adjustable fabric bands for fitting snugly around the head and base of the penis. Can also be used around a wrist for spanking and other erotic contact points.

Sliver contact wires woven into the fabric provide maximum contact area. Moisten before use.

Adjustable to cater for all normal sizes

Supplied with snap to 4mm banana adaptors, and no the glass dildo item is not part of the package.

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Andrew w.
5 of 5 Stars
Great product , highly conductive . Lots of fun !
Michael S.
5 of 5 Stars
comfortable and effective can be worn snug or tight depending on your preference
3 of 5 Stars
These straps are of good sturdy quality. The straps are not my favorite when compared to rubber loops due mostly to the fact that they are not as easily adjusted. They do have good quality connectors.
1 of 5 Stars
I did purchase these electro straps in addition to the conductive rubber loops. I find that the current that these straps transfer a little intense for my liking. I've used them water wet as well as dry. The main difference is the amount of extra surface given with these electro straps. I'm not a fan of these. Admin:- We carry this product as we are continually asked for it, but we would always recommend the conductive loops.
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Wouldn't give it but 1 star. It's well made but cumbersome. The soft rubber conductive 'rope'; material works better. I may try it again but there are so many other things that work well...maybe I won't.
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I bought these straps to replace a faulty pair of straps that I bought off Amazon from another company awhile back. The other straps worked fine while they lasted, but I figured I wanted to try a pair made specifically to work with my ESTIM machine from here. What a difference! My new straps deliver a much more intense sensation that I ever had from my previous generic set. Not only was the session more pleasurable, but I was left with a pleasant tingling sensation afterwards that I had never experienced before. These straps are definitely a much higher quality and I would recommend anyone buying an ESTIM for the first time include these with your purchase. Just be aware that they do require a separate set of connecting wires (which was included in my ESTIM package) and conductive gel (which i had purchased previously).

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