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Electro Whisker

$59.99 (USD)

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Have you ever wanted to tickle and torment your subject with electricity? Well now you can.

Our monopole Electro Whiskers are the latest addition to our ever growing range of surface electrodes.

Made with an insulated handle and fitted with a 4mm connection socket, the Electro Whisker feels like hundreds of tiny fingers caressing your skin, creating an intense yet highly stimulating electroplay sensation.

Supplied in a protective tube

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3 of 5 Stars
For a personal experience I would not buy this again however for those who like to be teased by a partner...lets just say, go for it.
5 of 5 Stars
I had some complaints about fan width inconsistency of this product as received but have bent the whiskers back to be narrower and this product meets my needs now. The whisker fan width must be consistent for consistent nipple play effect, with two in play.
3 of 5 Stars
I like this product a lot, and after purchasing one, decided I wanted another, so purchased a second. The spread on the whiskers for the two varied significantly in spread(one inch vs two and a half inches), and I contacted customer support on this deviation. I wanted a consistent spread to the whiskers, since the effect of whiskers at a one inch spread and two and a half inch spread is significant (for nipple play for example). Below is the response: "Unfortunatly as the whisker has already been opened we would be unable to accept it as a return. Regarding the whiskers due to variations in the design there would be no guarantee of both being identical". So while I can endorse the quality of this product, expect inconsistent spread in the whiskers and an inconsistent experience of the product. If you buy just one this inconsistency probably won't matter. If buying two, think twice about the application. Of the many quality product offered, this is the only one I have a problem wit
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Awesome product, will make a person jump and scream if you have amps kinda high! :)
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Whisker is very intense and awesome! I would buy this item again and enjoyed it very much.
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A really useful and very effective piece of kit. I was amazed at the variety of intimate places one could probe for and achieve super stims. I used plenty of conductive gel/lube etc. for best results. Regards, Michael. Leicester.

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