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Lifetime GuaranteeThe Moaner electrode is based on our top selling Flanged electrode, but has a slightly longer neck and a larger head. So called because one of our test team said it made her moan!!!. The head allows easy penetration and feels substantial when inserted, but is not too big when used both vaginally and anally, and the large flanged base ensures the electrode cannot penetrate too far.

The flanged base gives security and comfort, but also provides an additional contact area so its very popular when used vaginally as it stimulates the labial area as well. Like the other electrodes in our premium range the design has the electrode contacts at the top and bottom of the electrode, providing excellent contact and a more natural feeling than some other manufacturers designs.

The Moaner electrode is machined from aircraft grade materials, and like our other premium electrodes, it will if cared for, last for years. It can even be disassembled for cleaning.The base is machined with a grip ring to help during insertion and extraction. The Moaner electrode is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

The Moaner electrode is fitted with 4mm sockets in the base, and works extremely well with our low profile connectors. (In fact our low profile connections were actually designed specifically for use with the flanged base.

Available in our new Luxerious Satin finish or a polished option.

Supplied in a plastic storage tube.

Specifications - Moaner Electrode

Overall length 4.7" (120mm)
Diameter 2" (50mm) Base, 1.5" (38mm) Head
Weight 9.7oz (277g)
Connections Dual 4mm sockets in base
Guarantee Lifetime

User Manual

E-Stim Systems BiPolar Electrode User Manual

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Jonathan D.
4 of 5 Stars
Very comfortable fit. Very sturdy. Nice sensation. Only complaint is that the neck is a little too long for some anatomies.
David B.
5 of 5 Stars
Great product. Well made, as others have said. Works great. Strong contractions. Damn comfortable just as a plug. I'd love to have the parts to make it longer and/or shorter. Surprisingly easy insertion.
5 of 5 Stars
Amazingly crafted. Well thought out design that completely disassembles for deep cleaning. Used vaginally on my submissive, requires a bit more volume of on the control knob because the distance between the two contact areas are so large. Originally she was terrified to even try anything with electricity, but she was definitely moaning, and couldn't believe electricity could feel so good. It stays in all right on its own, but in the future I might want to have some way to hold it in better during longer sessions such as tight fitting panties or some sort of chastity belt.
5 of 5 Stars
One of the best trodes ever created no question!!!
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent product. The unit if hooked up as a bi-polar unit you can get different stimulation's at the same time. This unit hits the P-Spot and made me climax like no other unit has ever done. Add this MOANER to your collection so you can be Moaning soon...
5 of 5 Stars
Very well crafted. I have the polished model. Insertion/removal is easy. Its length is just right to reach my prostate. I use it as both single and bi-polar configurations. It is easily broken down for cleaning. Using low profile cables, I can sit on it in bed to get a bit of additional penetration and it remains comfortable after hours of use!.

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Additonal Options:

Surface Finish (Our new Satin Finish is supplied as standard)
The polished finish is made to order and may take a few extra days to produce.


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