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2mm Conductive Rubber Loops

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Conductive rubber is a very unusual product. Normally rubber is classed as an insulator, but this product has been specially developed to conduct electricity. The result is a soft smooth and flexible material tube that gives good electrical contact and is comfortable and easy to use.

The Conductive rubber loops are supplied with a spring loaded collar giving easy and comfortable adjustment.

Easy to use

Loop connectionSimply slip each loop over the penis ensuring the loops don't touch each other and gently pull to tighten.( If you pull too hard you may snap the rubber!!) To connect simply insert one plug into the end of each loop (not the same loop as they would create a short circuit and fail to provide any sensation. Loops

As well as the obvious penis loops, conductive rubber can be used as a simple monopole insertable electrode.

Available in 2 different diameters, 2mm/TENS and 4mm, suitable for connection to our 2mm/TENS and 4mm cables. Supplied as a pair.

No Hot Spots

Out Conductive Rubber Loops have no metal sections that could contact the sin and either cause irritation or generate an uncomfortable 'hotspot'. In addition the plug is connected directly into the one end of the conductive rubber loop, maximising the transfer of current.

If things slip around too much then consider the addition of TacGel, a tacky conductive lubricant ideal for use with conductive rubber.

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3 of 5 Stars
The loops are a bit stiff and don't conform perfectly. They work as advertised and are easy to adjust. Admin: They will soften up over time and use.
5 of 5 Stars
Great feeling with no detectable hot spots. Has enough adjustment range to fit around the base of the package and on the shaft.
4 of 5 Stars
Got the 4mm loops. The pulsing feels fantastic; and when the box is turned up the pain is is so great.
5 of 5 Stars
Without the rubber loops, I doubt that I would be using my Estim system as regularly as I do. It enables me to quickly get wired for pleasure, whenever the need arises. The loops also provide good conductivity between my skin and my device.
5 of 5 Stars
I have the 4mm loops. They are thick walled, comfortable, and durable.
4 of 5 Stars
These conductive straps are of good quality and work very well. A little challenge to adjust when slippery but that is to be expected with what they are mostly being used for.

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