NEW Tripples

When 90% of electrodes on the market are dual contact designs you need to come up with something a little different. With 20 years of experience, hours of play and a very active imagination, we believe we have come up with something that is most certainly different, and takes e-stim to the next level.

Lovers of E-Stim meet the Tripples!!

With shapes based around our classic bipolar range, copied but never bettered, we have now taken that design and created a series of electrodes with not one, not two but 3 contact points. Now you have the choice of contacts to drive the sensation deeper, or wider, or with the addition of a Triphase cable and a dual channel unit such as the 2B, you can experience sensations not possible with any other electrode.

Even with a single channel unit, the Tripples offer you more variations in contact position than any of our other electrode designs.

The overall design has changed with a more pronounced neck section giving better retention but we have still retained our exclusive satin finish.

Available in 4 sizes The Tripples can be disassembled for cleaning, and of course all come with our lifetime guarantee.

Multiple Connections

*Colours indicate connections options NOT the colour of the Tripple!

Obviously the Tripples were created with the TriPhase cable in mind, but you can still use then with a single or dual channel unit.

With a standard cable and a single channel unit you have several contact options Top/Base, Top/Mid, and Mid/Base, and of course if you are using an E-Stim Systems power unit with asymmetrical outputs swapping the leads can result in a different sensation.

Base/Mid for a similar feel to our standard bipolar electrodes. Base/head for a wide experience over a larger stead, mid to head for that deeper feeling.

If you don’t want to try the TriPhase but want to try Cock and an Insertables then why not try base/mid on one channel, and head-cock ring the other - just experiment.

The robust 4mm connection sockets are marked, with a single dot for the base, two dots for the mid electrode and 3 dots for the head connection.

All the Tripples can be taken apart for cleaning, and are covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Low stock - Call if urgent
XL Tripple

XL Tripple

$230.00 (USD)

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Lifetime Guarantee - 19/12/2013

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