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2B Upgrade (Replacement IC)

$25.00 (USD)

A few weeks ago I decided to replace the program chip in
my E-stim Systems 2b. I have had the 2b since May of 2013.

The price with shipping to the US was reasonable and it arrived
quickly, in secure packaging, and discretely labeled.

If you can read you can do this. E-Stim Sytems provides
a very nice instruction sheet with color illustrations and

Here is the scheme.

Remove battery door then disconnect and remove the battery if your
using one.

Remove the four phillips head screws that fasten the back on.

The part your going to remove and replace is the largest part on the board.

Pay careful attention to where the notch is on the chip.

Using a small flat bladed screwdriver insert the blade under
the side with the notch and gently pry up and lift out the IC.
If you if you hapen to have an IC puller that fits it would be great
but not essential.

Remoe the replacement IC from its packaging by grasping its two ends without
handling the pins. Set the IC in the socket, with the notch, in the same
orientation as the original. Be sure you have not bent any of the pins and
gently press the chip into place. You will feel a definate "snap" as it bottoms
out on the socket.

Replace the back being sure to orient the battery clip wires so the do not
interfere with the case. Do not over tighten the screws.

Power on and test out.

Mine came up fine with the new version number and the boot symbol now present.

Some other people on a forum have reported that the "feel" is not the same as before.
I did not experience this.

Compared to some other things I have updated in the past this couldn't be easier!

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